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"Thanks to your excellent treatment my fingers are now much straighter after the nasty dislocations. I only wish I had found you sooner."
Mrs J.M. Johnson

"My therapist is a very understanding person as she knows how children, like me, think. She definitely knows what she is talking about. On the whole, she is very cool ..."
Master Alex Williams (13 years)

"Following an operation for Dupytrens Contracture [the treatment and regime advised] has very definitely hastened the recovery and my ability to reuse the hand. The treatment has been professional and imaginative. Within the target time I was able to get back to doing all the things I wanted to."
Michael Fell

"Throughout my treatment with my therapist I found her to be very knowledgeable, professional and caring. Following a motorcycle accident and badly broken wrist, I once again have full range of movement in my wrist. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Gary Nitschke

"I'm very pleased with the treatment I have received. After sustaining a fracture to my finger and undergoing surgery, there has been a marked improvement with the help of [specialised splints and exercises]. The central London clinic is also very convenient."
Ana Vohringer

"I had severe (bilateral) hand injuries from a cycling accident and underwent a number of surgeries. At my first consultation with Hand Therapy Specialists I had limited hand function. My surgeons were pessimistic. After treatment with Hand Therapy Specialists, my grip has returned and I am cycling again. I would recommend Hand Therapy Specialists for their excellent and whole person approach to treatment."
Ian Hooper

"After several unsuccessful visits to other therapists, my acute tendonitis was finally healed [following] truly excellent and friendly treatment from Hand Therapy Specialists."
Elisa Krantz



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